• ¡Bienvenidos a Collinswood! 

    Walking down the hallways looking at authentic student work samples written in two languages and peering into classrooms watching and listening to students participate in bilingual academic conversations, you know that you have entered a dynamic learning environment that celebrates cultural diversity. Collinswood Language Academy was the first K-5 Dual Language Program in North Carolina and is recognized both nationally and internationally for its academic success ever since the program's inception over a quarter century ago. We are now a bustling K-8 dual language school in the heart of South Charlotte. 

    Our Mission

    We cultivate a passion for learning and inspire students to achieve academic excellence, develop bilingual-biliterate mastery, and embrace sociocultural consciousness.

    Our Vision

    Empowering globally minded leaders and lifelong learners in English and Spanish to positively impact the world.

    Our Core Values

    Biliteracy and Bilingualism 

    As a Dual Language School, we recognize the value of developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in both Spanish and English.  Through purposeful planning of state instructional standards in both languages and the use of best practices in dual language pedagogy, our students leave Collinswood Language Academy with the ability to engage in rigorous academic discourse in two languages.


    Collinswood cultivates students who strive for high achievement and embody a growth mindset. We are role models who are always growing and learning. Academically, we challenge students through a robust curriculum and diverse learning experiences. 


    Our school is a place of inclusion where all students and their families are purposefully welcomed.  We embrace the lens of educational equity and cultural competence in our pursuit of academic and social excellence. 

    Global Citizenship

    Our educational atmosphere engages our school community in learning about the diverse, multicultural world around us.  We intentionally encourage a learning environment where students engage with other cultures and learn how to communicate across differences.   


    Collinswood nurtures students to make the world a better place by developing their leadership skills in service to our community. We want to grow students into people who are kind, caring and compassionate with high levels of integrity. 

    Collinswood is an award winning magnet school and is recognized as an International Spanish Academy by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain.

    International Spanish Academy