Welcome to Carmel

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    Welcome to Carmel Middle School!

    Carmel Middle School is located in the South Park area of Charlotte. Carmel's total student enrollment is approximately 1,150 students. Our student population is comprised of the following ethnicities: White 52%, Hispanic 31%, African-American 14%, Asian-American 2%. Our Economically Disadvantaged (EDS) subgroup constitutes 47% of our student population. Students with a Disability (SWD) population is currently at 10% and certified Academically Gifted student population is 22%. Just over 23% of our student population are English Learners.

    Carmel Middle School has 74 instructional staff members, three grade-level administrators, three counselors, and 38 support staff members  There are 118 total members of the Carmel team, each committed to achieving the vision of delivering rigorous and equitable instruction to all students. 

    Carmel Middle School has consistently met or exceeded state and national goals as measured by the North Carolina End-of-Grade and End-of-Course tests.  Each year Carmel has performed above CMS and state averages.  Carmel was recertified as a national “School to Watch” in 2022. 

    In 2019, Carmel Middle achieved the sixth highest Reading growth in CMS and highest in the Central Learning Community. Carmel's most recent Reading Growth Index was in the 98th percentile in the state of North Carolina. In both Reading and Math, Carmel "Exceeded Expected Growth" in 2019.

    Every student at Carmel Middle School has the opportunity to use a Chromebook to support their learning and growth.  Teachers are using the State Learning Management System, Canvas, to provide instructional support as well as instant feedback. Carmel administration has created job embedded professional development that focuses on student discourse, assessment analysis, differentiation strategies, flexible grouping, blended learning strategies and technology in the classroom while implementing the North Carolina Standard Course of Study 

    Carmel's renowned PTSA will generously continue to support our efforts by providing resources to improve student achievement and support our school-wide goals. 

    Please take a moment to access our Parent Handbook At-A-Glance.