• All students are assigned a technology device.  While a device is assigned to the student, it is the responsibility of the student and parent(s) to handle the device with care and report any issues with the device immediately to a teacher or technology staff member at the school.


    The following information comes from the CMS Student Technology Agreement.

    Technology Fee Structure

    Lost Charging Cable – $10

       *Returning a compatible charger from a non-CMS source will not be accepted. [nonrefundable]

    Damaged Device – $15

       *Missing key(s), broken or scratched screen, damaged ports, vandalism, etc. [nonrefundable]

    Lost/Stolen Device – $50

       *All devices are tracked by serial number. A lost device fee will be issued if a device is not returned that was assigned to the student. [refundable within 30 days if the original device is found and returned]

    Miscellaneous – $5 or more

       *Fee assessed at the discretion of the school. [nonrefundable]

    Fees associated with lost, stolen, or damaged devices can be found and paid online using the Online School Payment system.

    A school staff member will collect the damaged device and re-assign a replacement device.  This timeline can vary by school depending on inventory availability.  Students and parents are still expected to pay the technology fee. If a device is lost or stolen, the school’s technology and administration staff will determine next steps to receive a replacement device. 

    Students are not charged fees for natural wear-and-tear issues such as loose keys, Chromebook batteries that stop charging, charging cables that stop charging, minor scratches, and operating system issues.

    Technology Fee Waiver

    CMS Technology Services does offer the ability for any parent to request a technology fee waiver for an accrued fee.  Contact the student’s counselor or administrator to request a waiver.  Each student is allowed two fee waivers per academic year.  Each waiver only covers one technology fee at a time.  A completed waiver by a school counselor or administrator means that the technology fee is no longer required to be paid by the student for the current school year.