• Military Deployment

    Deployment can be a difficult time for both the soldier and the family they leave behind. Children face a host of special issues when one or both of their parents are deployed.

    Symptoms of Deployment-Related Stress in the Classroom

    • Difficulty concentrating in school.
    • Unable to resume normal classroom assignments and activities
    • Continued high levels of emotional response, such as crying and intense sadness
    • Appearing depressed, withdrawn, and uncommunicative
    • Expressing sad or violent feelings in conversation, writing or drawings
    • Intentionally hurting self or at risk of hurting others
    • Gain or lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time
    • Discontinue taking care of personal appearance

    Educator’s Interventions

    • Focus on students and the classroom learning environment
    • If students are distressed about the circumstances of deployment, find an appropriate time for them to share their feelings, needs, and fears.
    • Regardless of political beliefs, refrain from expressing personal options
    • Expect temporary slowdowns or disruptions in learning when a deployment occurs
    • Provide structure
    • Be approachable, attentive, and sensitive to the unique needs of students coping with deployment and family separations
    • Inquire about school, community, and military resources available to assist
    • Contact your CCS military support team/MFLC/ Fort Bragg School Liaison 

Purple Star Student Checklist

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  • Who to Contact

    The first point of contact for students, families, and staff members who are experiencing stressors because of the rapid deployment of military personnel from the local Military Units or surrounding Military Bases is the Student Services Department. In the event that additional information is required, the following contacts can and should be utilized:

    MSG (r) Michael Wright
    JROTC Army Instructor
    Phone number: 704-840-9346
    Email: michael1.wright
    Provides support to military-connected students and families

    Orene L. Henderson
    Registrar/Data Manager II
    Phone number: 980-214-9322
    Email: orene.dixon
    Provides support to all students transitioning into Rocky River HS

    LTC (r) Tyron Eason
    JROTC Senior Army Instructor
    Phone number: 704-654-7255
    Email: tyronw.eason
    Provides support to military-connected students and families