One of our ​School Improvement Plan goals is to ensure we are developing our students' charactersEstudiantes in addition to our teaching of rigorous academic skills!  We believe teaching the whole child is essential to students being prepared for college and careers!  We model our development of character after the KIPP schools.  KIPP's innovative approach is grounded in the research of Dr. Martin Seligman and Dr. Chris Peterson. 

    Sterling's character work focuses on "seven highly predictive character strengths that are correlated to leading engaged, happy and successful lives!"  (KIPP, 2015).

    Sterling uses resources from the "Character Lab" website to implement our character program in our daily routines.  The seven character traits above, in addition to two additional traits, Growth Mindset & Purpose, are taught throughout the school year and fall into three categories of "strengths" as described by the Character Lab.  

    Strengths of Heart

    These are the "interpersonal" or “helping” strengths. They help you relate in positive ways to other people.

    Strengths of Mind

    These are the "intellectual" or “thinking” strengths. They enable a fertile and independent life of the mind.

    Strengths of Will

    These are the "intrapersonal" or “doing” strengths. They help you achieve your goals.