• About Our Program Kindergarten

    Our Kindergarten students are introduced to computers and how the many parts work with each other. Students are learning to login independently to the computers with our student IDs. We focus mainly on the number keypad until we are all familiar with the keys and how to login. We then move on to learning how to open our programs and going to our favorite online websites that are age appropriate for these students. 

    First - Second

    For our younger students our focus in technology is to expand their technology skills.  We also focus on the importance of technology in our everyday lives. Students learn how to create Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoints for class assignments. We also spend time focusing on our keyboarding skills using the proper keyboarding techniques.

    Third - Fifth

    For our students in third-fifth our focus is to build and expand on their knowledge of the computers. Students practice their keyboarding skills at the beginning of each class. We use our Microsoft Office 2016 for many of our class activities. We integrate their work through many uses of the computer. Our students are focusing on reading and math. These programs help us align the NCSCOS objectives for the students and prepare these students for the EOG test.