8th grade scholars have just completed the module titled “Voices of the Holocaust”. Students engaged in an extensive amount of reading which included nonfiction texts about Holocaust survivors. Scholars determined the theme and central idea of these passages and analyzed how they were developed throughout the text.

    **Please encourage your scholar to read for 30-40 minutes on a nightly basis.**



    Math 8 students are continuing their work on functions and volume. They are learning the terms input and output as it relates to independent and dependent variables. They are also making use of structure in volume formulas.

    Math 1 students have finished their unit on exponents and exponential functions and will be starting a new unit on quadratic functions at the start of the 4rg quarter. 

    Math 2 students have finished their unit on trigonometry and will be starting their final unit on probability during quarter 4. Students enrolled in 8th grade math have finished their unit on exponents and scientific notation and will be starting a new unit on pythagorean theorem and irrational numbers at the start of quarter 4. 



    Scholars will understand the hydrosphere (water cycle), the impact of humans on local systems, and the effects of the hydrosphere on humans. They will be able to explain water distribution on Earth, as well as summarize evidence that Earth's oceans are a reservoir of nutrients, minerals, dissolved gasses, and life forms.



    8th Grade Historians are completing Unit 7, "Personal Finance". Next, scholars will begin Unit 8, titled   "The Roaring 20s/Great Depression/New Deal".

    In Unit 8, scholars will understand trends of consumerism fueled by increased borrowing can lead to economic collapse. Scholars will also understand that the Great Depression created economic, social and political issues.

    Finally, scholars will understand that the New Deal provided Relief, Recovery, and Reform.