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AG Summer School/EOG Retest

It is hard to believe we have almost completed this school year! Your student’s teacher has provided instruction with the intent that every student becomes proficient in English Language Arts,  Math and Science on end of year assessments. Throughout the instructional process, your teacher has completed regular progress monitoring collecting data to determine individual student strengths and potential areas of concern.

It is imperative that students transition to middle and high school with every chance to test proficient on EOG exams and enjoy open access to advanced course work and grade level electives.  At this point in the school year, your child is still working toward a goal of proficiently in Science, Reading or Math for his/her grade level by the end of the school year.

The great news is that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will offer a EOG Intervention/Retest Camp for any student who needs a second chance because a student had a bad test day or wasn't able to demonstrate proficiency.  This retest opportunity is only for one tested area which will be determined in consultation with your student’s school principal.  We will offer this experience from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM for the following week this summer:

    • June 12 - June 16 (Mon - Friday)

    • June 15 and 16 - EOG Testing

Students must attend all three days of intervention to take the retest and a proficient EOG retest score will be recorded on the student’s record.  Transportation, breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Alexander Graham is hosting the EOG Intervention/Retest Camp at this summer, June 12-16. Use the QR code listed below and follow the enrollment instructions accompanying this letter.
We encourage you to enroll by May 19 to ensure a spot at this particular site and to support planning. If your child demonstrates proficiency at the end of the school year, your child will no longer be eligible for EOG Intervention and Retest Camp. 

Feel free to contact the school at 908-343-5810 and ask for Mrs. Bonack, if you have any questions.
~Mr. Conner, Principal