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Families of Bus Riders

Here Comes the Bus App:

CMS families with children that ride a school bus are now able to use a free bus tracking system! Families can download the app and have access to the real-time location of their child's bus on a map as well as scheduled and actual arrival times at their assigned stop and school.

Signing up is EASY! On your desktop computer, you can sign up here. You will need the district code (73877) and your student's ID number (contact your child's school if you don't have it) to sign up. For your smartphone or tablet, download the Here Comes the Bus app from the App Store or Google Play.

Once activated, you can customize or edit features, including how the app will communicate with you and the size of the notification radius around your bus stop.

Helpful Tips:

  • You must have your child's unique student identification number to set up the app. Due to privacy guidelines, Transportation staff will NOT be able to provide this number for you! If you need your student's identification number, you must contact the school.

  • When entering your child's last name on the "Here comes the Bus" app, make sure you spell it EXACTLY as it appears on your child's report cards, bus stop information, etc.  If you have a hyphen in the name, make sure you include it.  Only enter the first fourteen (14) characters of your child's last name.  For example, if your child's last name is GETON-THEBUSTODAY, you will enter GETON-THEBUSTO in the last name field.

  • The bus stop associated with your child for morning and afternoon bus service is the location you can draw the radius around; the app does not track afterschool, athletics, or any other transportation we provide.

  • Please note that no bus tracking service is 100% accurate; DO NOT assume the bus isn't coming just because the app didn't notify you! If in doubt about the arrival of a bus, please call the transportation area that supports your school.

  • Sometimes we make bus substitutions and this can affect the accuracy of the Here Comes the Bus App. When a bus substitution is made, the Here Comes The Bus app may not work.