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Senior Portraits Class of 2024

Attention Class of 2024!


The first round of Senior Portraits for the 2024 yearbook is coming up on May 15th through 18th, 2023 in the Art Gallery. Please read the info below carefully:

  • Senior portraits are different than underclassmen portraits. Students can take the following photo options:
  • Tux/Drape - this is the yearbook photo. Even if students do not want to take the other photo options, they must take this one to be included in 2024 yearbook
  • Cap and Gown
  • Outfit of Choice 
  • These photo sessions take longer than underclassmen pictures, so students MUST have an appointment. Students will not be called from class (like we do with underclassmen) and we cannot take walk-ups. Go to this link to sign up for an appointment.
  • We will offer another round of senior portraits over the summer (July 17th, 18th and 19th) We will also offer YEARBOOK ONLY (TUX/DRAPE) photos in October (tentatively October 3rd and 4th). Students who want the cap and gown photo or any outfit of choice photos should try to schedule appointments for these dates in May or over the summer. We WILL NOT offer the extra photo options in October.
  • Student Attendance - students must sign in to take their photo, so we have an accurate attendance log. A list of students will be provided to Ms. Stines at the end of each day and their absence will be excused if it coincides with their time-stamped sign in at pictures.  
  • Students can choose their own appointment time. It is strongly advised that they are in contact with their teachers in advance if they will miss class. Students are responsible for any work that they miss.
  • Please be aware that appointments can range from as short as 10 to 15 minutes (for the tux/drape photo only) to over an hour (for all portrait options). Please take that into account when selecting an appointment time.


Contact Megan Ledford with any questions