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AP and IB Exams


As IB/AP students prepare for the 2023-2024 school year, we want to make sure that they check the final April/May 2023 exam schedule.

Students taking IB courses are NOT permitted to take a make-up IB exam. IB make-up exams are not offered by IBO. Students taking an AP exam are permitted ONE makeup session.

If you are taking multiple IB and/or AP exams, please review the  schedule carefully and make sure that you do NOT have multiple testing conflicts.

Only students with medical documentation and state competition conflicts will be permitted to request a 3rd AP exam session. In some cases, the student must pay a fee prior to requesting a make-up AP session (session 2 and 3).

If you have questions regarding IB testing, then please contact Katie Willett, IB Coordinator. If you have questions regarding AP testing, please contact Allyson Davis, Assistant Principal of Instruction.

If you have multiple conflicts with testing, then please complete the 2023 – 2024 MPHS Schedule Change Request Form.

Please NOTE – Each student enrolled in an IB or AP course MUST take the IB or AP exam for the course during April/May 2024 testing. If the student does NOT take the exam, then the student MUST take a teacher-made exam that will count 20% of the final grade in the course. If you have any questions, please email Allyson Davis, Assistant Principal of Instruction.