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Revised 2023-2024 CMS Grading Plan

In the 2023 - 2024 CMS Grading Plan (page 6), updates have been made regarding "Final Exam Exemption" for courses that do not have a state-required assessment or EOC assessment (High School only) and students with excessive absences:

  • Students who meet the criteria below may be exempt from taking a final exam in a course that does not require participation in a state-required assessment (i.e. CTE) or End of Course Assessment: 
    • Students with a grade of an ‘A’ (90%) or above and no more than 3 absences.
    • Students with a grade of a ‘B’ (80%) or above with no more than 1 absence.
  • Students would have the option to take the final exam to improve their grade rather than the exemption. If a student chooses to take the exam, CMS grading practices are followed, and the exam counts for 20% of the student’s final grade.
  • For students that have an undue hardship with attendance due to not having transportation established as a new or MCV student or has a documented medical/health condition through an IEP or 504, the principal may exempt the student from participating in a non-EOC/state required final exam if the student has met the academic criteria.
  • Students who participate and complete Advanced Placement exams may choose to take the teacher-made final to include in their final grade for the class.


Final Grade for Excessive Absences (High School Only)

  • High school students absent from eleven class periods will receive a grade of F for that course. This rule applies to all absences, whether excused or unexcused. 
  • Schools will use the FF grade instead of F to designate students who fail due to attendance. 
  • Each school will create an Attendance Recovery plan. 
  • Students must complete additional practice on Edgenuity or Canvas (non-Edgenuity courses). 
  • Each school will create an Appeal Process. 
  • The principal has the final decision regarding Attendance Recovery Appeals.