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AP Exams


Advanced Placement (AP) Exams will be May 6 thru May 10, 2024, and May 13 thru May 17, 2024. Please see the calendar with specific dates. To receive accommodations for AP testing, all requests and required documentation must be received by College Board NO LATER than January 18, 2024. Any requests approved after that date will NOT be valid for May 2024 AP testing.


There is information and directions for College Board AP accommodations on our counselor page under the accommodations tab. In order to receive accommodations on AP exams, the accommodation request must be submitted to College Board and College Board must review the requests and determine whether the accommodations are approved. Families may apply for these accommodations on their own, or they may complete a Consent Form for Accommodations on the counselor page under the accommodations tab.


If a student is approved for College Board accommodations, then they get the accommodations on the SAT and AP exams.


QUESTIONS? Please email Allyson Davis, AP Coordinator, or Tara Doherty, Testing Coordinator. Ms. Doherty can provide a copy of College Board decision letters for families.