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Career & College Promise Summer/ Fall 2024 Applications are now open until April 4th


Junior/ Senior CPCC Dual Credit! (Deadlines include all 7 steps)

  • Do you want to take a few college classes?
  • Do you want to learn a trade not provided at your High School?
  • Are you already in the program, but need to reapply?
  • GPA or Test Scores may be used for eligibility?


Get Started

  1. Start with our “Career & College Promise Overview
  2. Take time to "EXPLORE Pathways" before you attend a Q&A
  3. Join a Q&A Session: Check website for dates and links


Families are asked to attend a Q&A session instead of private meetings. All approved applicants will receive private advising once approved. Additional information may be found in the following resources:

MPHS CCP Website

MPHS CCP Policies and Procedures

MPHS Student/ Parent Contract