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Required Senior Meeting

Attention Seniors: 
There will be a mandatory Senior Meeting in the Auditorium beginning at 12:00pm on March 6th. During this meeting, Seniors will hear from administration, counselors, and the graduation coordinators to begin preparations for the June graduation ceremony. Any absence from this meeting must be cleared by Mr. Folk himself via email; failure to get his approval will put you at risk of not being permitted to participate in the Graduation Ceremony. 
This is the day that Juniors will be taking the ACT and all other students will be on a homeroom schedule. Seniors will have an opportunity to eat lunch before moving to the auditorium with their homeroom classmates at 11:45am. The meeting will begin at 12:00, and afterwards, seniors will be dismissed to go to 4th block at the usual time.
We look forward to seeing all graduating seniors at this meeting.