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Class of 2024 - Senior Parking - Click on link for information!


Congratulations!  You may now apply for a senior parking space.  

The application window will remain open until June 7, 2023.

Please go to the Hough Parking website and follow the guidance provided there to apply. You can access the website at this link:  Hough Parking   When will we inform you if you received a parking space?

We will notify students that submitted parking applications on their status in late July or early August.  For students that receive a parking space, this message will also include how to pay for your space and when to pick up your decal.

We notify seniors that applied for a space via their CMS email account. 

Please check your CMS email account, Hough social media and this website for details and updates.

Questions? - The Hough Parking website can address most of your questions. If you still have questions after viewing the site please submit them via the applicable link on the website.