About J.V. Washam Elementary

  • jv washam school

    Our school was named after John Vance Washam, as our school sits on land that his family farmed. We are a K-5 public elementary school located in North Mecklenburg County. Our students live in Cornelius and parts of Huntersville and Davidson.

    We exist to enrich every student's individual strengths by providing a challenging and nurturing environment where we instill a passion for learning, the freedom to create and discover; along with the skills and emotional character to become: critical and diverse thinkers; active problem-solvers; life-long learners; leaders and contributors to society; caring and compassionate individuals; advocates for the community and environment; and seekers of justice.

    Character Pledge: Good morning teachers and classmates. I pledge to be a J.V. Washam kid for character. I will come to school each day to learn and grow. I will show respect for myself and others; I will be honest at all times; and I will only participate in activities and behaviors that will keep me on task. I am responsible for my own success at school, at home, and in my community and I will work hard to help others be people of character.

    Four Focus Areas: 

    -"Every minute of every hour of every day."


    -Work with students individually

    -Take risks

    Color: Carolina blue

    Mascot: hawk (his name is Hershey)

    Feeder Schools: Bailey Middle School and Hough High School