School Improvement Plan

  • To access our School Improvement Plan, visit and use GuestS16776   as the username and password. Guest Access will allow stakeholders to review the School Improvement Plan, School Improvement Team members (with date of election), Agendas, and Meeting Minutes.

School improvement Team

  • Kelli Glisan (2021) Assistant Principal
    Courtney Whittaker (2022) Instructional Staff
    Leah Arrington (2023) Parent
    Emily Bixler (2022) Parent
    Sandy Boerst (2023) Teacher
    Terry Byars (2023) Parent
    Jennifer Ghiloni (2023) Instructional Support Staff
    Lauren Lausier (2022) Parent
    Jessica Maison (2023) Parent
    Rebecca Morris (2021) Parent
    Mercedes Nadal (2023) Parent
    Zachary Perry (2022) Teacher
    Lucretia Sullivan (2023) Instructional Assistant
    Kasey Tanner Parent
    Jaime Tecza (2017) Principal 9803431071

Meeting Schedule

  • 2023-2024 SLT Meeting Dates/Topics
    All meetings take place from 3:30-4:30 

    ​Date  ​Topic(s)
    (Guest speakers have 10 minutes each at the beginning of each meeting)
    ​September 7

    ​Officer Voting, Safety Plan Approval, Focus of SIP, Title IX

    ​September 28 Approve SIP
    November 9 Review of Fall Data, Title IX
    January 4  
    February 22  
    April 11th Title IX Report  
    May 2nd  
    June  Title IX Report​  
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