About Our School

  • Bain Elementary's history dates back 120 years ago when Bain Academy was founded by John Bain in the Town of Mint Hill, NC.  Since then, the school has grown to its current size of about 800 students, reflecting the corresponding growth in our town. Our facility which was built in 2013 and now houses Pre-Kindergarten through fifth graders. 



    Throughout the years and throughout all of these changes, Bain's commitment to providing challenging educational opportunities to its students has remained constant.  Our school has consistently produced strong academic achievements and met standards established to promote the development of the total child.  Bain was named an Honor School of Excellence with High Growth by the North Carolina Department of Instruction for the 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011 and 2012-2013 school years. In addition, Bain exceeded expected growth for the 2021-2022 school year in Literacy, Math, and Science.

    Our teachers use flexible grouping to differentiate student instruction based on individual needs. Our EL Literacy Curriculum, Math Envision curriculum, and hands-on science lessons help to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom in a more interactive and engaging approach. In addition, we utilize the Caring School Curriculum to ensure we are focusing on supporting the whole child.  Our staff  is exceptionally well-established, with 18% certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, and 28% holding advanced degrees.  Bain's teachers have an average of 12 years experience.  Over 20% of our students qualify for the Catalyst/Talent Development Program.

    Bain is fortunate to have a very active PTA and many more volunteers who log in countless hours throughout the school.  The school is an integral part of Mint Hill and the community feels a great sense of ownership and pride in Bain.

    Our Mission Statement: To Challenge and Prepare All Students for Future Success

    Our Vision: We the Bain family, consisting of staff, students, parents, and the community, will establish a safe and supportive environment that will maximize the potential of all students.  We will provide differentiated learning experiences through authentic, engaging, and challenging instructional practices based on individual learning styles.  As a family, we will foster success for all students in order to promote college and career readiness, as well as equip students with skills needed for life in the 21st century.