• ARMS Principal   

    Welcome to Albemarle Road Middle School! I am Toni Perry and I’m honored to serve as the principal of Hornet Nation.  I have been a proud member of the Hornet family, serving in several different roles, since 2006. Before joining Hornet Nation, I taught fourth, fifth, and sixth grades; all within Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. I am very passionate about education because this is where our future leaders are molded, challenged, encouraged, and engaged in navigating their personal life courses. I am thrilled to be a resource to our ladies and gentlemen as they develop academically and personally!  In addition to my role at school, I also have a son and a two grandchildren. Being with my school family and my home family are my privilege and responsibility and I am devoted to both.

    I consider Albemarle Road Middle School to be one of Charlotte’s hidden jewels! Our students are amazing, our staff is highly dedicated, and our families make our work with students possible! With a population of over 900 students, it might be easy to get lost in the numbers, but not at ARMS! We pride ourselves in building strong relationships by establishing and holding high expectations for academics and behavior for our students. Our staff and students are: Invested, Engaged Learners, Respectful and Scholarly, Effective Communicators, and Family!

    In addition to setting high expectations for student achievement across all content areas, we are working to further engage our students as learners through increased reflection and planning. We know what our students can do because they are so amazing!  However, in some cases, we must convince them that they can be anything once they make a decision and start on the path to achieving their dreams! Middle school is a tough time in adolescence because, while teenagers need support and guidance, peer influence is very strong. This is also the time when young ladies and gentlemen begin making decisions about high school, college, and careers. It is critical that we partner as parents and educators to push each child to high school graduation, college, and beyond. I am asking parents to remain aware of your child’s performance in class as well as their interactions with peers. Talk to your child regularly about school and progress reports and tests and what’s happening.  Engagement with your middle school child is critically important to their success moving into adulthood, which is the ultimate intended outcome!

    I appreciate your continued support of Albemarle Road Middle School and everything you do to reinforce the school in preparing our students for greatness!  I am honored to serve my Hornet Family.  Go Hornets!


    Kind regards,

    Toni Perry