About Metro School

  • Metro School will provide a comprehensive personally relevant educational environment challenging each student to develop his or her abilities, skills and talents by providing instruction that assures access to the grade level curriculum including access to general curriculum materials and resources. Metro faculty, parents, and caregivers will work together to improve the community’s focus on our students’ capabilities and integrate our students’ into our larger community so that they may lead productive and fulfilling lives.

    We, the parents, staff and community of Metro School will work collaboratively to provide our students a high quality, challenging, and personally relevant education, with a specialized emphasis on providing them the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to be successful and productive members of our global community.


  • We believe:

    • in the right of each individual student to receive a comprehensive, challenging, age appropriate and personally relevant education, ensuring access to the grade level curriculum supported through the Expanded Forerunners of the Creative Curriculum, NC Extended Content Standards, NC Extended Common Core State Standards, North Carolina Extended Essential Standards, Life Skills Curriculum, and district goals and objectives, using current research and materials to support the development of instruction that is based on the analysis of student data and best practices.

    • in the dignity of each student, and the right to be treated at all times with respect, in a safe, caring, and orderly school environment where behaviors are taught using positive interventions.

    • that every student has the competency to learn skills that are personally relevant to his or her needs and support the grade level curriculum.

    • in the collective strength of Metro School personnel, Professional Learning Communities, students and families, community partnerships and volunteers, and the leadership of CMS to assure equity in services and resources, high standards of instruction, and the provisions of quality programming at Metro School.

    • in the provision of professional development to support all faculty in assuring that staff is prepared to provide Metro School students with comprehensive, challenging, age appropriate, personally relevant instruction to access grade level curriculum.

Who We Serve

  • Metro School serves approximately 250 students all of whom are cognitively disabled, ranging in age from 3 to 22. Many of our students have severe medical and physical needs; many of our students are in need of total physical care and assistance; and many have other multiple disabilities such as visual impairments, hearing impairments, and autism, in addition to their cognitive challenges. Student assignment to Metro School is through the IEP team process for all current CMS students.  For students moving into CMS from either out-of-county or out-of-state, parents are to contact the district EC Central Office for school placement at (980) 343-6960 and ask for a school placement coordinator.  Metro School does not serve students who live outside of Mecklenburg County.

    Metro students receive high quality instruction in academics based on grade appropriate NC EXTEND Content Standards.  Students participate in adapted physical education including swimming in our on-site pool.  Music, art, horticulture, home living and vocational training are offered as support classes.  Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language services and vision and hearing services are provided based on students' IEP goals.