Car Rider Information

  • Below is the car rider information for the 2022-2023 school year.


    Morning Carpool Procedures

    • Drop-off begins at 7:30 AM. Students may not enter the building before 7:30 AM unless they are part of the BSC program. This is a safety issue; staff are not available to supervise students until 7:30 AM. 
    • At 7:30 a bell will ring and Long Creek Staff members will be stationed along the front walk; you may begin drop-off when you see staff members on duty.
    • Cones will be placed out to indicate the drop-off zone. Drop off only in the designated area. 
    • Pull forward as far as possible (while still in the drop-off zone).
    • Make sure your child is unbuckled and ready to exit the car once you are in the drop-off zone. If your child needs additional time to get ready, please park. 
    • Students will enter the building at the main entrance door.
    • Absolutely no Drop-Offs in the Bus Loading and Unloading Zone.


    Afternoon Carpool Procedures

    • No early dismissals after 2:30 PM. After 2:30 PM all students will be dismissed through the car rider line. Do no park and walk-up to the school for dismissal (this is for the safety of our students).
    • Dismissal is at 3:00. Parents/guardians are expected to be in line at this time. After 3:15 PM parents/guardians will need to park and enter the building to sign their student out late. This is a safety issue; there will be no staff available to supervise students after 3:15. 
    • Car rider students will be given a carpool tag This tag needs to be displayed in the car each day.
    • Students will be held inside the building until their name is called by a staff member. Once their name is called they will exit the building.
    • Cones will be set up as designated pick-up spots. Your child will be directed to a cone. Please pull forward to that cone and stop to allow your child to enter the car. 
    • If your child needs help buckling their seat belt we ask that you please pull through the pick-up zone and park in a parking spot to assist them. 
    • If you need additional car rider tags, please email your child’s teacher or Mrs. Thompson at