• At Elon Park Elementary​, staff, students, families and community members collaborate to provide an extraordinary learning environment where all reach their full potential, enrich their individual talents and exhibit school pride…at ALL times, in EVERYTHING they do.

    The school community will support the commitment to the following:

    Providing every student with rigorous, engaging and balanced instruction.

    Basing all decisions on student strengths and needs according to all available data.

    Appropriate, effective collaboration among staff, families and community members for the benefit of each student.

    Facilitation of 21st century learning through implementation of best practices.

    Delivery and participation in effective professional development.

    Continuous school improvement.

    180 School Days result in a minimum of one year’s growth academically for every student.


    Our School Demographics:

    Our 2022-2023 enrollment is 860 in grade K-5. Our school demographics are as follows: 40% of our students are Caucasian, 38% Asian, 8% Hispanic, and 10% African American and 3% multi-racial.