About Our School

  • Marie G. Davis, K-8 IB Program 

    K-8 IB 

    Marie G Davis is an authorized IB World School Primary Years Program (PYP) and Middle Years Program (MYP.) 

    Marie G. Davis is located at 3351 W. Griffith Street, in the heart of South End Charlotte since we first opened our doors in 1953.

    At Marie G. Davis our scholars will encounter an educational experience that incorporates the following:

    • Scholars will transition from Kindergarten through 8th grade years
    • The curriculum taught is built upon North Carolina Standards Course of Study that have been carefully discussed and prioritized by every teacher, from Kindergarten through 8th grade, so there is a clearly articulated academic pathway.
    • Marie G. Davis, committed to providing all scholars with a quality educational experience aimed at "developing active, compassionate, internationally-minded, life-long learners." Across the grades "active" scholars are engaged in hands on experiences aligned to our inquiry-based philosophy. They are afforded opportunities to interact in cooperative group work, encouraged to take action with their learning and continuously make connections between ideas, concepts and prior knowledge.
    • Marie G. Davis promotes mindfulness and fosters a growth mindset. Compassion, open-mindedness, life-long learning and reflection are developed through a school-wide programs, delivered to every grade level by counselors, teacher feedback that is relevant and timely,  and the ten attributes of the IB learner profile forming the foundation of the school's culture.

    For further information about the IB and its programmes visit http://www.ibo.org  

    If you would like to visit the school, please contact Kirsten Rodgers at 980-343-0006 or email us at kirstena.rodgers@cms.k12.nc.us