PE Uniforms

  • For the 2022-23 school year there will not be a required PE uniform that needs to be purchased. Students will be required to follow the PE dress code that is outlined in the class syllabus and also listed below:

    Clothes for PE: Students should wear clothes that are appropriate for movement in Physical Education Class and follow the school dress code. Examples of clothes that would be appropriate for class are:

    *Athletic Shorts- (must stay up on the hips and follow dress code length) No jean or khaki shorts, and

                                  no work-out skirts, etc.

    *T-shirts- long or short sleeve- (Must be a CREW NECK- may NOT be v-neck, boat-neck, any

     low cut neck shirt or tank top)

    *Sweatshirts- can be worn for outdoor units but will not be worn indoors for class

    *Sweatpants- must stay up on the hips and not sag

    *Yoga pants/leggings with a LONG t-shirt or shorts over them- a long t-shirt or shorts have to be

    worn over the top of yoga pants/leggings

    *Running shoes or sneakers ONLY- shoe strings MUST be tied as untied shoes are a safety and

    performance issue- NO EXCEPTIONS (sandals, flip flops, boots, dress shoes, 

    crocks, cleats, etc. are not allowed), no platform sneakers

    *CLEAR small water bottle- Students will NOT be allowed to use aluminum or plastic water

    bottles that are not see through so don’t spend a lot of money on a  water bottle. I

    would even recommend that students write their name on a deer park water bottle

    and just refill that bottle daily. Colored plastics are ok as long as the contents are

    easily visible. It is important to us that students drink plain water to stay hydrated.

    Flavored / sugary drinks and sodas, etc. are not allowed in water bottles as it is not 

    the healthiest for students and we can easily find ourselves with a huge ant problem

     concerning sticky or sugary drinks. Thank you for your assistance on this.

    *Spiral notebook (50-60 pages) or notebook paper and a pen/pencil- A one subject spiral notebook

     with pencil or pen attached (perhaps with stings to the metal spiral).  Your child will need this every day and should keep it in their PE clothes bag.