About Our School

  • SWMS

    Southwest Middle represents the amazing diversity of the Southwest corridor and the Steele Creek Community.  The school comprises 1300+ scholars and has begun a new phase of instructional learning and a renewed commitment to parent collaboration that represents students as the center.  Our students are involved in learning that is aligned to Olympic High School and Palisades High School through core classes, career technology, STEM, and world language.  Our students are leaders and are involved in all aspects of school life from Principal's Advisory, service clubs, civic organizations, fine arts, and athletics. 
    Our mission is to provide a safe place for all students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.
    We envision ourselves as a school of excellence that produces both critical thinkers and explorers of knowledge who will lead in tomorrow's global market. 
    • WE BELIEVE all members of the Southwest Middle School Community (teachers, administrators, parents, volunteers, and students) must commit to working together if students are to achieve success.  
    • WE BELIEVE in the necessity of a safe and positive environment for student learning. 
    • WE BELIEVE in setting high expectations for student learning, promoting student self-esteem through achievement, and celebrating all students' successes.
    • WE BELIEVE students and adults must be respectful of themselves, of each other, and of our school.
    • WE BELIEVE students should receive GRADE-LEVEL, ENGAGING, AFFIRMING, and MEANINGFUL instruction EVERY DAY.
    • WE BELIEVE that we must always focus on curriculum, master teaching, and data-driven instruction.
    • WE BELIEVE students must be held accountable for their choices regarding behavior, attitude, and quality work.
    • WE BELIEVE ALL students want to be successful.
    • WE BELIEVE ALL parents want the BEST for their students.
    • WE BELIEVE ALL students should be treated like your own, or someone you love. 
    • WE BELIEVE that students should love where they learn.