Reedy Creek Elementary School is a neighborhood elementary school built in 1981.  We serve over 1,000 scholars in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  Approximately 10% of Reedy Creek scholars are white, 56.0% are African American, 3.9% are Asian/Pacific Islander, 24.7% are Hispanic and 4.9% are multi-racial.  The scholar population is approximately 51% male and 49% female.  Scholars identified as economically disadvantaged account for 65% of our total school population.  Scholars identified as gifted and talented account for 6% of our population and scholars with identified learning disabilities account for 9.2%.  Scholars with Limited English Proficiency make up 10.4% of our total scholar population. Reedy Creek Elementary School is part of the Rocky River High School feeder pattern. Scholars matriculate from Reedy Creek to Northridge Middle School and then on to Rocky River High School.

    Our beliefs are:

    ·     We believe that all children can learn.

    ·     We believe in providing experiences and instruction that allow for individual differences in each scholar.

    ·     We believe in providing a safe and secure learning environment.

    ·     We believe that developing children’s character is an essential part of their education.

    ·     We believe that parents are their child’s first and most important teacher.

    ·     We believe that building a strong collaboration between the school, community and family is essential in building the foundation to our scholars’ success.

    ·     We believe that the growth and development of our teachers directly impacts the growth and development of our scholars.

    Our vision is to produce lifetime learners who are equipped to handle the academic and social challenges of a global society.