• Attendance 

    Each child must bring a written excuse from the parent/guardian stating the reason for absence upon his/her return to school. The absence will be marked as unexcused until a note is received. Missing the school bus and/or oversleeping cannot be coded as an excused absence. Each student who accumulates more than 3 unexcused absences will be mailed a notice from the principal (required by state law) outlining the negative impact of student absences in school.


    Students who arrive to school after 8:15 AM must be signed in by a parent in the office. Once signed in, the student will receive a tardy pass and must report to his/her classroom. Tardy passes are issued to ensure that each child is registered present for the day. Students must be in their classroom by 8:15 AM or they will be counted tardy. Children signing in tardy after 11:15 AM will be counted absent for the day.

    Educational Leave

    To request an absence for an educationational opportutnity, you must complete the PGES Request for Educational Absence form. Please make sure you submit the form and secure approval five days prior to going on a trip.

    Please include the following on the form:

    1. List the student’s grade level
    2. North Carolina Standard Course of Study that the trip is connected to *(see below)
    3. A description of the project to be completed (i.e. narrative writing, scrapbook, picture album, etc.) that demonstrates the learning that occurred on the trip
    4. Submission of the completed project to the principal no later than one week upon returning to school
    5. Educational leave approval is dependent upon completion of all items listed above.

    The project must connect the experience with the student's grade level learning standards.

    Religious Obligation: Request for Excused Absence

    The Religious Obligation: Request for Excused Absence form must be completed for consideration of an excused absence from school under Board Policy ACD.

    • All requests should be submitted to the school at least two weeks in advance of the requested absence.
    • Students are responsible for making up all missed classwork and homework.