• "Our Kids are Worth Whatever it Takes!"

    The energy at Smithfield is ubiquitous-- and you will feel it as soon as you drive onto our campus.  It comes from our students, staff, leadership, parents, and 650 students, who represent a widely diverse population.  Many of our students described Smithfield as "Disney World," and we could not think of a greater compliment.  The staff works tirelessly to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of the students.  We may do things a little differently here at Smithfield, but we do them because... "Our Kids are Worth Whatever it Takes!"

    Come see how we...

    • Dance as we enter the building every morning!
    • Stand up and respond in a complete sentence and face the speaker to show respect.
    • Individualize instruction in all content areas through Personalized Learning.
    • Move every 20 minutes!
    • Implement Thinking Maps in all classrooms.
    • Engage in Sensory Centers to cross the mid-line and to wake up our brains!
    • Strengthen our cognitive functions through Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment program (4th and 5th).