Our School

  • University Meadows, home of the Mighty Mustangs, is an integral part of the community. We serve over 800 students, including a Pre-K program. We honor our relationships with the community and work closely with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as a Learning Lab for students preparing themselves as Education majors. 

    Our focus is ensuring every student leaves University Meadows on a track for college and career readiness. To do so, we teach at high levels and differentiate in order to ensure every student is receiving the instruction that is as tailored and individualized as possible! This results in students maximizing their learning!

    One characteristic that makes us special is the diversity displayed in our student population. Walking through our classrooms will allow one to encounter students from around the world with backgrounds that are quite diverse. This diversity results in quite a melting pot and provides students with the opportunities to see various perspectives not considered otherwise.



    We are a global community of learners, celebrating our diversity, inclusive and invested in the success of each student
    so that each one is equipped to be University Bound, career ready and a life-long learner!
    University Meadows will provide the best education anywhere, in order to ensure every student is University Bound.​

    "University Meadows, University Bound!"