• Our Mission:

    To empower students and families to be successfully engaged in society through academic and social growth.

    Our Vision:  

    To be a model public separate school where all stakeholders are committed to work collaboratively to ensure the development and future success of every student.

    CMA at a Glance:

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Academy is located just north of Center City in Charlotte, NC and is a K-12 public separate school in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) District, Programs for Exceptional Children. The school is unique in that it is the only public, separate K-12 school exclusively for behavioral and/or emotional needs of students with disabilities in CMS, thus serving students throughout the entire county. CMA's purpose is to serve students in need of a highly-structured school environment through positive behavior interventions and targeted academic support. All students are placed in the program through the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process and are eligible to transition, when ready, to lesser restrictive educational environments. The students who attend the school need greater support than what can be provided in a typical general education setting. At CMA, we provide our students with specially-designed instruction, social, emotional and behavioral supports, and small structured classroom settings.