Turning Point Academy

  • Turning Point is a “Redirection” Program designed to meet the educational needs of “at-risk” students through therapeutic intervention services, behavior and academic prevention and intervention programs. 

    All students must meet the following program goals:

    • Improvement of Student Behavior

    • Improvement of Student Academics

    • Improvement of Student Attendance

Student Assignment Process

    • All student assignments will be made through the Area Learning Community  Administrator.

    • Parent requests will not be honored.


  • Turning Point Academy is available as an alternative education option for students with long-term or 365-day suspensions and/or as a disciplinary reassignment for students who have committed serious violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Student courses are aligned with North Carolina Standards. Staff work with students, their families, and the students' homeschool to develop a personal behavior plan and curriculum for the assignment to Turning Point Academy. Students are assigned to Turning Point Academy for a determined period of time or until they meet stated goals and then return to their home school. Transportation will be provided when a bus route is established after the student begins the program. The CMS Transportation Department handles bus transportation requests in the area of the student's homeschool.