• 4 Es of Learning Immersion

  • In April of 2017, Idlewild Elementary School was awarded the Ronald P. Simpson Award, making our school the #1 magnet school in the nation. 


  • Magnet Coordinator:

    Amanda Helms

    Talent Development Teacher:

    Erin Brodd

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  • What is LI/TD?

    The Learning Immersion (LI) and Talent Development (TD) programs accelerate student learning through a rigorous curriculum focused on the strengths of each child. The LI/TD teachers are committed to teaching students to use real-world problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills to prepare them for the 21st century. In Learning Immersion, students are challenged to reach their fullest potential. Techniques and strategies that have proven to be effective with gifted children are used to provide an enriched educational environment.

    During 2nd grade, students are evaluated for entrance into the Talent Development (TD) program. The TD magnet school provides a full-day concentrated program appropriate for identified gifted students in grades 3-5. Students who do not qualify by grade 3 may remain in the schools, continuing in the Learning Immersion (LI) program.


  • Magnet Goal

    The goal of Idlewild Elementary's Learning Immersion and Talent Development magnet program is to provide gifted and high-ability learners from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds with the educational opportunities and non-instructional experiences to develop their potential for outstanding performance and intellectual, academic, creative, artistic, and leadership areas. Students have the opportunity to maximize their potential, demonstrate their motivation, and realize their contributions to their own development and the global community.

  • **Entrance Requirement: Students applying for the TD magnets in grades 3-5 must have Talent Development Certification. If certification is pending, parents are advised to wait until testing is complete before submitting their application. Newly identified Talent Development students will receive through their current school a revised school assignment application to submit after a student is certified in Talent Development.**

  • Special Features of Learning Immersion

    • Serves K-2 students
    • Develops critical and creative thinking skills
    • Accelerated program
    • Uses seminar instruction and academic conversations
    • Provides choices for learning based upon multiple intelligence research
    • Collaboration with TD Teachers
    • Flexible Grouping
    • Focus on strengths and builds on weaknesses
    • Real World Problem Solving
    • Rich Literature Exposure
    • Hands-on Problem Based Learning and STEM challenges
  • Special Features of Talent Development

    • Full-Day TD program for certified TD students in grades 3-5
    • Focus on differentiation, acceleration
    • Interdisciplinary-thematic lessons
    • Uses seminar instruction to expose students to exemplary words of literature
    • Explore concepts in great depth
    • Depth and Complexity
    • Utilizes Junior Great Books
    • Focus on strengths with multiple intelligences and problem-based learning
    • Personalized Learning
    • Guaranteed continuation for TD students to the Middle Years IB program at grade 6