• Registration Hours:

    Tuesday and Thursday from 8 - 10 am

    Wednesday from 11 am - 1 pm



    Thank you for your interest in attending Palisades High School. To enroll, please come to the school during the Registration Hours listed above. Please be sure to bring all required documents and completed forms (links to these can be found within the google form) with you to your appointment to ensure we can enroll your student. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work diligently to open Palisades High School. 


    We look forward to meeting you! 



    Students are able to view their schedule via PS.  Please note that schedules are subject to change through the first 10 days of school.     


    Once you receive your final schedule a schedule change can only be requested for one of the following reasons:


    • Schedule changes to a more advanced course.

    • Schedule changes to a course of lesser rigor.  Student and Parents/Guardians rationale must be grounded in data and academic history that proves this is the best move for a student.

    • Student has been placed in a course for which they have already received credit.

    • Course drops should be made only for the welfare of the student and in compelling circumstances that are beyond the control of the student or his or her parents. Such circumstances include but are not limited to the following:

      • The student is or has been seriously ill for an extended period of time;

      • The student has been in an accident and suffered severe, debilitating injuries;

      • The student suffers from psychological problems or a mental illness and is under the care of a mental health professional.

      • After the student has enrolled in the course, the student is assessed for learning difficulties or academic weaknesses, and the student is identified as being learning disabled or certified as an Exceptional Child.

      • The student was inappropriately placed in a course after having transferred into the district and enrolled in school before his or her records were received and reviewed for proper course placement.


    In the circumstances set forth in subsections 1-4, above, the student’s health problems or learning disabilities must affect the student’s ability to fulfill the requirements of the course. The principal must have written documentation from the student’s physician or treatment professional of the condition that has resulted in the student’s inability to successfully complete course requirements


    PHS Schedule Change Request Form


    PHS Counselors