• Our school nurse is Tanya Keeter, BSN, RN.


      Office Number: 980-343-0413

      Emergency Contact

      All students must have a completed Emergency Locator Card (Blue Card) filed in the Main Office. The purpose of this card is to enable school personnel to quickly locate a parent in case of an emergency. Your teacher will provide you with a blue card at the beginning of the year, but if you start mid-year or do not receive one then you can request one from the front office.

      Health Assessment Form

      Parents/guardians must submit proof of a health assessment for each child who is presented for admission into N.C. public schools for the first time, including every new kindergartner. The health assessment must have been completed within 12 months prior to the date the child would have first been eligible for initial entry into the public schools.


      Current immunization records are necessary for enrollment for those students new to CMS or who have been outside the system for a period of time. Please bring a copy to the school and keep the original for your records.


      Medication will only be administered when accompanied by a complete Medication Authorization Form signed by both the parent/guardian AND physician.  A parent or guardian must also bring the medication to the school office in its original labeled container. A new form is required for each school year.