• Transportation

    • Car Rider Information 

    All students will receive a car rider tag during the first few days of school.  If you pick your child up in the afternoon, please display the tag in the front window.  Your child will be called to the front of the school when you arrive.  Please stay in your car, one of the TCE staff members will assist your child into the car.  

    • Walker/Bike Information

    All Rosedale and Cobblestone students who walk/bike to and/or from school must have a permission slip on file.  Please click HERE to complete the walker form.  Rosedale parents can meet their child at the rear gate for afternoon dismissal.  Cobblestone parents can meet their child on the sidewalk leading to the school near the end of B hallway.  Staff will be positioned at each location to help with dismissal.  Bike Racks are available for students. 

    • Bus Information

    Only registered bus riders will be allowed to ride the bus to and from school.  Students are only permitted to ride the bus they are assigned to.   Parents are encouraged to download the Here Comes the Bus app to have real-time location of their child’s bus. Our school’s code is 73877. The North transportation office number is 980-343-3838.