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DreamBox Math

Hello Cardinal Families! 

DreamBox is an adaptive math program that your scholars have access to at home. Research shows that students who complete 5+ lessons weekly show growth in math when compared with their peers. If your scholar needs assistance with how to navigate the actual platform, it’s usually okay to help. Otherwise, students should be left alone to complete lessons (completed lessons are more important than time spent) and it’s extremely important that you do not assist with the actual math, as it’s an adaptive program. If the student struggles with a concept, DreamBox will base their next assignment on that data (and vice versa).  


Here are directions on how to access DreamBox from home, as well as setting up a parent account. Please note that setting up a parent account will have to be done on a laptop, not an iPad. 

The student username is their CMS ID# and the password (In most cases) is Cmsx _ _ _ _ (4 digits are their graduating year). 


Please let me know if you have any questions. If you send screenshots to my email, that will help me troubleshoot.


Erik Hoover, proud IB Coordinator and Math Facilitator, Blythe IB World School