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5 things to know about school psychology at CMS

November 7-11 is National School Psychology Week, and in recognition, we asked Natalie Moore, school psychology manager, five quick questions about her profession and how students can benefit.

For more information on school psychology at CMS, visit our psychology page.

1. How old does a student have to be to get psychology services through CMS?

Pre-K through seniors have access to psychology resources at CMS with more than 100 school psychologists serving the district. In addition, six school psychologists serve students 3-5 years old in the Bright Beginnings program. Each school has an assigned school psychologist and parents can contact their school psychologist for additional information about services that can be provided within the school setting.

2. How does access to school psychology resources benefit students?

CMS psychologists work to help students academically, emotionally and socially. They often work with families and teachers to provide support strategies to help students succeed at school and beyond. Whether students are struggling with academic or behavioral challenges, school psychologists can offer support through consultation, classroom observations, evaluation services, and/or providing direct counseling intervention. 

3. There is sometimes a stigma attached to mental health. How do you combat it?

Counseling is a tool in an available toolbox to problem-solve, troubleshoot or simply work through an issue and toward resolution. While we realize that the primary goal of any school system is to educate our students and ensure they have strong literacy and math skills, we also realize that a student’s overall emotional well-being can affect their academic performance.  School Psychologists work with school teams and families to reduce these barriers and support the whole child.  There should be no stigma on mental health because it’s just as important to take care of our minds as it is our bodies.

4. How do I seek out a school psychologist for my student enrolled at CMS?

Every school has a designated school psychologist. Your school’s office staff will be able to connect you with the assigned school psychologist.

5. What is the difference between a school psychologist and a school counselor?

School psychologists and school counselors work collaboratively to meet the needs of students in the school house. Typically, school counselors provide whole school (core) and small group (supplemental) support in the school building, while school psychologists provide support at the small group (supplemental) and individual (intensive) level.  School psychologists do have specialized training in not only serving the mental health needs of our students, but in assessment and diagnoses of learning difficulties, Autism, ADHD, and other disabilities that impact a student’s overall learning.  School psychologists hold an educational specialist degree, which provides training beyond a Masters.