School Hours  8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

    The doors open at 7:30 AM for students eating breakfast. Students may report only to the cafeteria. 
    PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILDREN EARLY. There is no supervision provided and it creates a very unsafe situation.  

    Visitor Check-in

    All visitors must check-in with the front office. In the office, you will be required to show your identification card, driver's license or passport and wear a visitor pass. No person is permitted access to the building without a visitor pass. 

    School Visits

    Parents may eat lunch with students but not breakfast. Parents may not return to the classroom or playground with students after lunch. You can volunteer if you arrange it with a teacher. All volunteers must be registered with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. This is a CMS Safe Schools policy. 

    Tardy Policy

    The late bell rings at 8:00 AM, if your child arrives after 8:00 AM; they are tardy and must report to the office to sign in with an adult. Please make every effort to have your child at school on time. We begin classes promptly at 8:00 AM and your child will miss important instruction. 

    Early Dismissal/Transportation Changes

    If you must pick up your child early, please send a note with them and/or call the office in the morning. You must sign them out in the office. Do not go directly to the classroom to get your child. All transportation changes must be made before 2:00 PM. No dismissals will occur after 2:00 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS! 


    If your child is a walker in the afternoon, please wait for your child at the flagpole near the school rock. There are members of staff who will verify their walker tag with the adult.  Students will not be released to an adult who is not identified as the designated adult. 

    Car Riders

    If your child is an afternoon car rider, please pick them up in the car pool line only. Car riders should be picked up at 3:00 PM. We understand that emergencies do happen and expect an occasional late pick-up when necessary. However, we cannot provide safe supervision for your child on a regular basis after 3:15 PM.


    If your child needs to take medication of any kind at school, we must have a form completed by your doctor with specific instructions on dosage. Forms are available in the office or from the nurse. This includes over the counter medications, prescriptions taken on a daily basis and prescriptions taken on a temporary basis. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

    PowerSchool Parent Portal

    Parental involvement is critical to a child's education. That's why CMS has provided a user-friendly web application to help parents and families become more involved in education. Parents can check their child's homework assignments, attendance reports, grades and other items from any computer, any time using PowerSchool.
    Parents will be able to set up their own accounts with access information provided by the school. Please reach out to us if you need support to set up your account. 

    Access the PowerSchool Parent Portal: 
    Powerschool App Icon Logo