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    As we continue to kick off our membership drive this week, please see the important details below!


    Our memberships are $10 per family. You can join & pay now through this link- zelle (preferred) or paypal options for payment.



    How can you get involved and volunteer at CPEC?

    1. We need all of our parent volunteers to register as a volunteer through CMS. Please follow the link to register or re-register. Each year you will need to update your registration:




    As we finalize our calendar and budget for this year, your help is greatly appreciated! In the spirit of giving back and bridging the gaps in our communities, the survey below would educate us on your suggestions & help us determine what other charitable foundations we could work with this year. Please discuss as a family and complete the survey by 5pm, August 17th.


    Charitable Foundation Link



    We appreciate the parents that have recently signed up to be a part of the PTSO and those who have already been serving since our inception. I know you're ready to contribute and be of service to our student's best interests this year. We are excited to have you be a part of what has already been a great start to a prosperous and successful year to come. We will be reaching out to the group as a whole very soon. Our general meeting will be held on Aug 22nd. We will share a link through our social media pages and the weekly newsletter from Principal Turner!


    Thank you to the volunteers that assisted with the donation of microwaves for our students!.