About Performance Learning Center

  • PLC History

    Performance Learning Center (PLC) opened in 2006, as a Communities In Schools (CIS) model school for students needing additional credits to graduate from high school on time.  Many students that choose to come to PLC did not have success in a traditional high school setting and our school was a better fit for their individual needs.

    In 2014, Performance Learning entered the lottery process, as all other CMS schools did, allowing 9th graders to begin coming to school in the 2015-16 school year. We graduated our first 4-year class in 2019!

    About PLC

    Performance Learning Center is a cooperative, innovative high school (non-traditional) that offers students a small school environment, personalized curricula and instruction, and one-on-one support from our knowledgeable, caring staff.  At PLC, courses are taught using a blended learning model that combines face-to-face instruction with educational technology (virtual-blended HS).  Our unique approach provides students freedom to shape their own learning experience with guidance from highly-qualified educators.  We are dedicated to helping each student prepare for college and career success. 

    We believe education is the most powerful way to change the world; that students must be taught how to think and not what to think. The process of preparing students begins with creating a personalized learning plan. We take great pride in knowing each and every student personally. What makes them tick? What is going on in their personal life? This is truly what makes PLC different from a traditional high school. Our blended and personalized learning model will provide a framework for planning, data instruction, and strong teaching and learning insights. The center of our core value system is to prepare every student to graduate college and career ready and to Know they REALLY MATTER!

    We are currently home to approximately 130 students.  We take pride in knowing each and every one of the students and their families. 

    We are approximately 60% African American, 22% Hispanic, 14% White, 2% Asian and 2% Other.  We are 62% Female, 38% Male and 19% SWD.