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    Our History

    Ardrey Kell high school opened during the Fall of 2006. The school was built to relieve overcrowding at neighboring schools and address the expanding resident occupation in the south Charlotte and lower Providence area. Beginning with demolition in the spring of 2004, the construction of Ardrey Kell continued up until days prior to August 25, 2006, opening day. The $46.5 million, 258,000 square-foot high school was designed to include a cafeteria, media center, classrooms, playing fields, and auditorium. The school consists of three levels and was designed to hold between 2,000-2,200 students. Ardrey Kell is a regular education Charlotte zoned high school. The school serves the neighboring communities in the South Charlotte and lower Providence area. Ardrey Kell currently does not offer STEM, STEAM, Arts, IB, Academy, Language Immersion or other specialized programs. However, the school is top-ranked and nationally known for its Advanced Placement courses, CTE pathways, and College & Career readiness initiatives.

    White Construction (Architect)

    Tindall Construction

    In order to preserve the honor of the two most prestigious families of Lower Providence, Ardrey Kell High School was named after those two families. The Ardrey and Kell families held high status as prominent people in the surrounding area. Past generations of the two families served as many of the county's doctors, educators, farmers, and politicians. The two families of the Ardrey and the Kells worked, lived, and served together throughout the generations. They shared the same loves and accomplished many things that have made the Lower Providence area what it is today. Ardrey Kell High School stands as a permanent preservation and honor of the Ardreys and Kells.

    As of the 2022-2023 school year, AK has over 3,500 students and over 230 staff members. Ardrey Kell is considered one of the top three largest high schools in the state of North Carolina, along with Myers Park and South Mecklenburg high schools. 

    Students at Ardrey Kell are exposed to rigorous and equitable instruction, college and career readiness, and enriching activities.

    Our Vision

    Ardrey Kell High School is a student-centered community that implements a challenging curriculum in an equitable environment, leading to the development of well-balanced students who have a strong sense of respect and service. 

    Our Accomplishments

    Ardrey Kell has been recognized multiple years as a School of Distinction, School of Excellence, School of High Growth, School of Exceeded Growth, and a Grade A school as defined by the NC School Report Cards. The school also maintains a consistent graduation rate of over 96%!

    Over 93% of teachers are highly qualified educators and certified to teach the content they teach. Over 30 of our teachers are National Board Certified.