Educational Leave of Absence

  • Absence from school for reasons other than illness is strongly discouraged at Huntingtowne Farms. In the event that an absence is deemed to have substantial educational value, a parent may apply at least 2 weeks in advance  for an educational leave of absence for a student. 

    By law, the absence can only be excused if the educational leave is directly related to the specific curriculum for the student’s current grade level. 

    Educational leave of absence will only be allowed on one occasion per school year, for up to 3 days.  More information about Educational Leave of Absence is located below.



    1. Complete the educational leave of absence proposal form.

    2. Submit proposal to attendance secretary at 
    at least 2 weeks in advance. An answer will be supplied by the principal within 5 workdays of submission.

    3. Upon approval, request make-up work from students’ teacher(s)

    4. Submit all the make-up work and independent study projects within 5 days of returning to school.