• Welcome to the Viking Cafe!

    We welcome you to join your child at lunch in our Viking Cafe.  Please sign in at the front office for a visitor's pass.  Due to limited space, we ask that you take only your child to the parent table.  Please see the schedule below for assigned lunch times. To view the current CMS menu, please click here https://www.cmsk12.org/Page/9928.

    CMS Menu Prices:
    Breakfast   Free
    Lunch        $2.25 (one entree, two sides and one milk)
    Adults       A la carte
    Milk          $.60 / half pint 

    Students' lunch accounts can be maintained by accessing PayPams (Parent Account Management System) https://paypams.com/HomePage.aspx.  PayPams is a secure method by which you can add funds to your student's account.  You can also view a history of meal purchases made by your child.


    Grade                                 Teacher                   Lunch Time
    K                                     Ms. Holub                  11:00-11:30
                                            Ms. Rossi                  11:00-11:30

    1ST                                Ms. Bennett                11:30-12:00
                                           Ms. Meador                11:30-12:00

    2ND                              Ms. McSherry              11:00-11:30
                                           Ms. Adams                 11:00-11:30

    3RD                                  Ms. Idjao                  12:00-12:30

    4TH                               Ms. Ibayan                  12:00-12:30

    5TH                                Ms. Culler                   12:00-12:30