• Car Line Information:

    Important Car Rider Reminders!

    If your child is picked up in the carpool lane during afternoon dismissal, please take a moment to review these very important procedures.  As a driver, there are things you can be doing or be aware of that will help the line move faster and smoother.  As a parent, you can also help prepare your child for a safe departure by building a better understanding of how the process works.  For more detailed information, please refer to the yellow instruction sheet you received with your pink car-rider sign.  Thank you for your assistance in making our carpool lane more efficient, safe, and convenient for everyone!

    Parent Procedures:

    • Carpool Signs
      • In order to use the carpool lane, you must have a current, school-issued, pink sign.  You may request copies of the official sign for any number of vehicles and we will provide copies.  Please contact the front office or your child's teacher ASAP.
      • This sign should be clearly displayed from the moment you enter the carpool lane until after your child has been loaded in your vehicle.  The staff will need to refer to your sign multiple times during the process.  Please make sure it is visible in the front window and not lying flat or covered by the visor. (Many parents find it helpful to use a clothes hanger with clips to hang it from the rearview mirror.)
      • As a safety measure, anyone who does NOT have a pink sign will need to park and walk to the front office to sign their student out.  No exceptions will be made after that date, so please make sure you have secured a current sign before that point! 
      • If someone else is picking up your child, please make sure to provide them with the proper sign or instruct them to park and walk into the front office to show their ID and sign your child out.
    • Driving Procedures
      • When you reach the loading area of the carpool lane, please stay alert and refrain from using cellphones or other distractions.  This is for the safety of students, staff, and other cars.
      • As you pull into the loading zone, please be aware of the numbered spots #1-10 painted onto the road.
      • Please pull down as far as possible before stopping.  Be aware of what the car in front of you is doing.  If you are the car in spot #1, it is essential that you pull all the way into the spot, all the way up to the crosswalk, so that the other cars can reach their spots behind you.
      • Please do not stop between the numbered spots.
      • Staff members will assist your student in finding your vehicle and loading in a timely manner.
    • Absolutely NO walk-ups allowed for Kindergarten-5th grade parents!!!! 
      • Please do not walk up to staff members on the sidewalk or in the gym and request to pick up your student.  This is a safety hazard as well as a disruption of the process, which requires the staff and students to listen carefully and pay close attention to the relay system!
      • The only walk-up option is the "PARK and Walk" option involving sign-out in the front office.

    Student Procedures:

    • Dismissal from Classrooms
      • Car-rider students will be dismissed from their classrooms via the loud speaker at 2:55 pm.
      • Students should stay in the car-rider line in the hallway as staff members guide them to the gymnasium and into their specific grade level's line. 
    • Inside the Gymnasium
      • Students should sit silently in their grade level's line. 
      • Please keep all personal belongings packed up and ready to go in a moment's notice.
      • Students need to listen carefully to hear their name called over the walkie-talkie and speaker system.
      • When they hear their name for the first time, they should exit through the gym doors and then take a spot in the line outside. 
    • Outside on the Sidewalk
      • When the student arrives outside, he/she should stand on the designated line. Students should NOT move towards the cars yet!

    Students must once again listen carefully. 

      • This time they will hear their name and a number.
      • Students should then proceed to the numbered spot as instructed.  Please remind them to wait by the number and NOT on the edge of the sidewalk until a staff member helps them into their vehicle safely