HFES Learning Compact

  • The learning compact is an agreement between Huntingtowne Farms families and the school that describes how we will work together to support student learning during the school year. 


    As a student, I will:

    • Come to school on time, ready to learn.
    • Be prepared with my books, homework, papers, and supplies.
    • Wear my school uniform proudly every day.
    • Show respect and cooperate with all adults and students in the school.
    • Follow our essential agreements to be respectful, responsible, and caring.
    • Respecting the rights of others to learn without distraction and disruption.
    • Follow all school and district expectations, procedures, and rules.
    • Spend time at home on school work --reading every day!

    As a parent or guardian, I will:

    • Make sure my child arrives at school rested, healthy and on time every day.
    • Attend parent/teacher conferences at least two times during the year to learn about my child’s learning progress.
    • Require my child to read daily and actively participate, when possible.
    • Provide the time and space needed to complete homework activities assigned by my child’s teacher.
    • Check my child’s backpack each day for important information.
    • Read and respond, as needed, to the information received from the school in the agenda, teacher’s folder, notes, and newsletters.
    • Volunteer to support the school (e.g., in the classroom, with the PTA, during special school events).
    • Attend special school-wide events, like Curriculum Night and family nights.
    • Communicate respectfully with my child’s teachers whenever I have questions or concerns.

    As a teacher, I will:


    • Set high standards for every student.
    • Create and maintain a supportive and caring environment, helpful for learning.
    • Provide innovative activities and assignments that will meet and/or exceed curriculum expectations for all students.
    • Communicate regularly with parents and guardians about their child’s progress.
    • Engage, motivate, and support students to achieve academic success.
    • Collaborate with parents and guardians to meet students’ specific needs.
    • Be respectful to all students at all times.

    As the principal or assistant principal, I will:


    • Support collaboration between teachers, students, and families to reinforce individual learning needs for all students.
    • Ensure a productive learning environment for students and teachers.
    • Host school-wide activities that enhance the learning experience and strengthen the Huntingtowne Farms community.
    • Report publicly on reading and math performance and create programs to encourage achievement in these areas.
    • Promote an environment of open communication and build purposeful relationships with teachers, students, and families.