• Providence Spring Elementary

    Summer Assignments 2023

    To help your child have a smooth transition into the next grade level, please make sure that he or she reads often, works on reading and spelling Red Words, and practices math facts. We also want students to enjoy fun time with family. See the electronic version on the PSE website to access links for ideas to help get started. Students that turn in the attached summer reading tracker and show us that they have their math facts memorized when we return to school will earn a treat from Principal Armbruster and Assistant Principal Pierce.


    See you in August! 

    Read and Talk about Books

    What do you want to read over the summer? How many books can you read? 

       Summer Reading Directions

       Summer Book Suggestions

     Reading Discussion Questions

       New 1-3 Spelling Red Words

    Create a Summer Bucket List

    What do you want to do with your family over Summer Break? Make a plan together. 

    Summer Bucket List Directions

    Ways to Organize Your List

    Summer Bucket List Ideas

    Practice Math Facts

    Do you know your math facts fluently? Try to have your facts memorized before school starts.

    Math Fact Fluency Directions 

    Ways to Practice Math Facts