• If your child is absent or tardy for any reason, please send a note to the school explaining the absence or email:

    Mr. Medina, Attendance Secretary

    At Coulwood, school attendance is very important to us.  Absences, late arrivals, and early dismissals all have an adverse impact on student learning and progress.  Students are expected to be in school except in cases of emergency or for reasons explained in the code below.  With that in mind, parents and students are asked to place regular school attendance as a top priority during the school year. 

    Excused Absences

    • Illness or injuries which make the student physically unable to attend school
    •  Quarantine ordered by the State Board of Health
    •  Death in the immediate family
    •  Participation as a party under subpoena as a witness in a court proceeding
    •  Medical or dental appointment 
    •  Religious observance in accordance with local school board policy
    •  Educational opportunity with the principal's prior approval

    Unexcused Absences

    Any absences not meeting the requirements of an excused absence shall be an unexcused absence.  A teacher shall not be required to help a student make up work missed during an unexcused absence.  If, however, make-up work is allowed, it will be received for credit.

    Steps to Follow When Absent 

    • If the above listed reasons apply, an unexcused absences can be changed to excused by presenting a note from a parent/guardian to the homeroom teacher.
    • The note may also be faxed to the attendance office at 980-343-6142 or e-mailed to Mr. Medina, our attendance secretary.
    • All notes should include the student’s first and last name, homeroom teacher and a brief description of the reason for the absence.  For every absence, please forward a note to the school using the method most convenient for you.
    • Ask all teachers for make-up work.  Assignments that are not made up will be reflected in their grade.  Each student is responsible for seeing that make-up work is completed.

    If the absence is due to work, travel, or some other reason, parents/guardian should notify the school prior to the absence.

    Do we have your current telephone number on file in our office?  If not, contact our registrar's office at 980-343-6090, Ext.4015118.  It is important that it is current, not just with your child's teacher but with our office. Call now!