About Us


    is to be the premier middle school of choice for all families, students, and educators in North Carolina.

    The Mission of McClintock Middle School

    1) We exist to be a welcoming and safe place, both physically and mentally, for all students in our school community.

    2) We exist to open doors for all students to indulge their curiosity and discover their passions.

    3) We exist to challenge and support all students in grade level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful instruction.

    The Reason Why You Should Join The Mighty Scots Family

    Our Beliefs and Values

    • Students, staff, parents and community work together to ensure our students have the supports and resources needed to engage in learning which prepares them for the unique challenges of the 21st Century.

    • Every student is a unique individual, supported by an adult, and is exposed to a differentiated instructional approach, according to his or her intellectual, social, physical, and emotional requirements.

    • We believe in every child’s potential and are committed to promoting every student’s achievement through the utilization of the mastery learning model.

    • All students will be actively engaged in problem solving, skill building, and communication in every area of the curriculum, to promote sound judgment and effective thinking.

    • Collegial planning, delivery and assessment of learning, are essential to ensuring meaningful and authentic demonstrations of outcomes and judgments of achievements, across and beyond disciplines and subject areas.

    • We value clear and transparent communication with and between, parents, faculty, administration, and staff.

    • We value a safe and healthy environment that protects and fosters physical and emotional well-being.

    • We value diversity, finding strength and synergy in our differences.

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    McClintock Logo inspired by the artwork of Sara Austell