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  • MILA

    Mountain Island Lake Academy is a neighborhood school serving the historic Coulwood and Mountain Island Lake communities in Northwest Mecklenburg County. Our school is located off Highway 16 within 10 miles of Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. Our current enrollment is 924 students that attend MILA in Pre-K through grade 8. Of the students that attend MILA 22.2 White, 63% African American, 8.4% Hispanic, 2.1% Multi-racial, and 4% Asian.. MILA has a Principal, one elementary Assistant Principal and 1 middle school Assistant Principal, and one Dean of Students. There are two Pre-K classes, six kindergarten classes, six first grade classes, five second grade classes, four third grade classes, five fourth grade classes, four fifth grade classes, four sixth grade classes, four seventh grade classes, four eighth grade classes, and five elective classes at the middle grades. In addition, there are three EC teachers, .3 ESL teacher, .6 TD teacher, two counselors, one literacy facilitator and one academic facilitator for middle school. There are also nine teacher assistants, one media assistant, and four full time special area teachers. MILA has a range of number of years' experience for teaching ranging from 47.5% of 0-3 years of teacher experience to 16.9% with 15-20 years to 10% with 20+years teacher experience. Furthermore, about 45.8% of the teachers at MILA have Masters Degrees.